Webinars for Professional Learning Communities

Speech-Language Pathologists at the Lester B. School Board (LBPSB) and the English Montreal School Board (EMSB) share their expertise on print disability, reading, and assistive technology in the following two webinars for professional learning communities.

Sandra Amyot and Tina Sioufi from LBPSB address the following questions:

  • What is a print disability?
  • What is decoding?
  • What happens when students have difficulty decoding?
  • Who benefits from text-to-speech technology?
  • Who does not benefit?
  • What are some reading comprehension strategies that teachers can use with students using traditional print and students using text-to-speech?
  • How can teachers scaffold use of text-to-speech?



Susan Waite, from EMSB & Centre of Excellence for Speech and Language Development, addresses:

  • For whom is text-to-speech beneficial? For whom is it essential?
  • How do language disorders and reading disabilities differ?
  • What is the difference between remediation and compensation?
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