Textbooks and Other Educational Materials

Quebec students with perceptual disabilities can obtain digital works that are compatible with assistive software from the Ministry’s list of approved Instructional Materials [http://www1.education.gouv.qc.ca/bamd/index_en.asp].

The processes of obtaining these works vary by publisher.  Please refer to the following overview on acquiring Accessible Instructional Materials for Quebec Students.  The document includes recommendations for schools and a list of conditions of use that are common to most publishers. Please note that certain publishers impose additional conditions and costs, so always refer to each publisher’s documentation for legal wording and updates.

The document Processes to Obtain AIM by Publisher provides contact information and instructions for obtaining accessible materials, publisher by publisher, on the list of approved Secondary materials.

Until June 2017, Reflections.qc.ca / Mémoire.qc.ca (from Chenelière Éducation) is
available for FREE for eligible students.

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